4 Ways Real Estate Technology Can Help Sell Your Home

4 Ways Real Estate Technology Can Help Sell Your Home

  • Sarina Dhanoa
  • 04/12/21

Time to put your home on the market? In today’s competitive environment, you can’t ignore the power of online marketing to reach the right buyers and effectively showcase your home. When you know the right way to market your home online, you can increase your chances of selling it quickly — and for top dollar. These four tips will help you get started.

Virtual Staging & 3D Tours

Virtual reality was already becoming increasingly popular in the real estate industry even before the pandemic, but the lockdown protocols gave this already blossoming technology an extra boost. Nowadays, it is common for realtor associations to use cutting-edge programs and even drone technology to appeal to online buyers.

With 3D renderings and virtual staging, sellers can skip the hassle of physical staging in favor of a cheaper, more customizable online alternative. With a few buttons, you can change the color of walls, add furniture, and insert fixtures into a vacant home. Prospective buyers can look at a house from all angles, all from the comfort of their own home. 

Appeal to a Larger Audience

Social media is vital in the current buying and selling landscape. Amid increasingly competitive housing markets, agents who have mastered the art of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram set themselves and their clients apart from the crowd.

Facebook, in particular, is the reigning champ when it comes to real estate, with a heavy percentage of traffic funneling straight from Facebook pages and posts to realtor websites. Social media is a fantastic way to spread the word about a house for sale, as social feeds can spread from friends to their families and beyond, all in a matter of minutes.

Better Photography

As mentioned, realtors are using increasingly sophisticated and innovative ways of marketing homes to discerning buyers. As technology develops, we gain access to intuitive gadgets that craft high-caliber digital spaces and renderings. Smartphone apps infused with augmented reality setups allow people to get detailed looks at houses straight from their phones.

Homes now benefit from drones, taking breathtaking aerial photos and videos while soaring overhead with a perfect birds-eye view. This feature is beneficial for houses that boast luxurious outdoor features like farmland, swimming pools, scenic views, and more. 

Speed Up the Process

Using real estate technology to sell your home will likely sell your home much faster, saving you money in the long run. If potential buyers can take tours of for-sale homes using virtual reality and apps, they won't have to go to an open house, meaning you'll only be doing in-person walkthroughs with people who are genuinely interested rather than those "just looking."

By allowing the majority of potential buyers look at properties online, you'll weed out those who don't think it's a good fit in one fell swoop rather than through multiple meetings or walkthroughs, all of which absorb time, money, and resources. Then, you can focus solely on those who are willing to take things to the next step.

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